Shalimar Gardens, Lahore Fort feared to be removed from UN list of heritage sites; ARYNEWS

Pakistan – Fort and Shalamar Gardens in Lahore

LAHORE: The historic Lahore Fort and Shalimar Gardens may be removed from UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites if its team does not arrive in Pakistan to inspect the dangers faced by the two landmarks due to the construction of Orange Line train service, ARY News reported on Saturday.

It should be noted that Lahore Fort and Shalimar Gardens are mentioned as a single heritage/one unit site in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) list of world heritage sites.

According to details, UNESCO’s Reactive Monitoring Mission had submitted visa requests three months ago but the government is using delaying tactics to deny their requests.

The UN agency has expressed its concerns that a section of Shalimar Gardens is facing irreparable damage due to the construction of the train service.


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Visit Querétaro, craddle of Mexican Constitution and World Heritage state; The Yucatan Times

Mexico – Historic Monuments Zone of Querétaro

Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro, is home to Iturbide’s Theatre, where current Mexican Constitution of 1917 was proclaimed; it was also the third most important capital city during the Spanish Viceroyalty in Mexico (1535-1821), as well as being the state where the Mexican War of Independence, to end the rule of the Spanish crown, was plotted.

Querétaro is one of the first destinations in Mexico and the Historical Landmarks Trail of capital city of Santiago de Querétaro, along with the five Franciscan Missions in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, built between 1751 and 1766, achieved UNESCO’s World Heritage status in 1996 and 2003, respectively.

Visitors to the Franciscan Missions can also go climbing, tracking and camping in neighboring municipalities of Jalpan, Pinal de Amoles, Landa de Matamoros, Arroyo Seco, Peñamiller and San Joaquín.

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The Most Beautiful Places in Austria; Barbara Wagner; CheeseWeb

Austria – Historic Centre of the City of Salzburg

Guest contributor, Barbara, takes us on a tour of the most beautiful places in Austria. From the bustling capital of Vienna to picture-perfect Halstatt, she takes us through the some of the best places to visit in Austria.

Austria, situated in the heart of Central-Europe, is an exciting country with a rich historical background, fascinating cities and beautiful mountains. It has many famous ski resorts, as some of Europe’s most beautiful mountains are found here. The Alps stretch across the western part of Austria all the way down to Italy.

Austria has a lot to offer visitors. It is a cultural centre of Europe, famous for its classical music and Opera.

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The Trip of a Lifetime: 100 Member Youth Delegation (Part III); Naziba Basher; The Daily Star

India – Agra Fort

There we were sitting inside this enormous hall room, after being escorted inside the Presidential House- the Rashtrapati Bhawan, in Delhi, India. It was then that the feeling of being a part of the 100 Member Bangladesh Youth Delegation began to sink in, how prestigious it is to be selected began to sink in. While being in a euphoric state, the announcement began- “The president of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, will now enter the building.” And we all rose.

The ceremony began with one of the delegates, violinist Ishrat Jahan Mumu, presenting a memento on behalf of the delegation to the President- a golden Rickshaw. The speeches then commenced, beginning with dance director and founder of Turongomi, Srimonti Sengupta Pooja’s English speech, where she spoke about this experience becoming a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

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How the UN is trying to sneak its unCanadian ‘values’ into Canadian schools; Geoffrey Clarfield; National Post

Mexico – Historic Centre of Oaxaca and Archaeological Site of Monte Albán

Millennials are enamoured by the United Nations. Consider the young undergrad, Antonio Soriano who is the UNESCO Delegate for the Harvard National Model United Nations of 2017. He writes:

“Dear Delegates,

Welcome to Harvard National Model United Nations 2017! My name is Antonio Soriano, and it is my honour to serve as the Director of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)…UNESCO aims to establish peace that is built not only on political and economic agreements but also on humanity’s morality and the concept of intellectual solidarity…Don’t hesitate to email me with any question.”

So here is my question for Soriano, “How well does UNESCO do its job?” The answer is not very well.

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Royal palace haunted by friendly ghosts, Sweden’s Queen Silvia says; Sky News

Sweden – Royal Domain of Drottningholm

The country’s longest serving monarchy tells a documentary that “you don’t always feel completely alone” at Drottningholm Palace.

A palace used by Sweden’s royal family is haunted, according to Queen Silvia.

But the queen says there is nothing to be afraid of as the phantoms at their private residence Drottningholm Palace are “pretty friendly”.

Silvia told a TV documentary that “there are ghosts, many” and says, “you feel you get a little excited” when talking about them.

She added: “You sometimes feel that you’re not completely alone. It’s really exciting but you don’t get scared.”

The palace, originally built in the 16th century, is located near Stockholm and is the permanent residence of Queen Silvia and her husband King Carl XVI Gustaf.

The palace is listed on the UNESCO world heritage list and has been the royal family’s residence since 1981.

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Road Trip Driving Route in Brazil, Bolivia & Argentina; Trans-Americas Journey

Bolivia – Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitos

2016 was a big year on our little road trip through the Americas with a total of 15,200 miles (24,462 km) on the road. While that pales in comparison to the miles we were putting on annually when we were in North America nearly a decade ago, it’s double the mileage of most recent years.

All those miles really got us around and in 2016 we visited or revisited seven countries: Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina. Our previous record was five countries in one year back in 2011 when we were in Central America. We also had a record eight border crossings in 2016, bringing our total border crossings for the Journey so far to 56. For more amazing road trip stats, visit our freshly updated Facts & Figures page.

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Pirin National Park needs a better management plan; WWF

Bulgaria – Pirin National Park

Pirin National Park in Bulgaria could be added to UNESCO’s List of World Heritage in Danger. It shelters possibly the oldest tree in the Balkan peninsula and is home to brown bear, wolf, chamois, and 159 bird species. WWF has been urging for immediate action against multiple threats to the mountain and launched an international campaign to save the park. The main danger for Pirin National Park is a new draft management plan that allows construction on 12.5-times bigger territory compared to the current status and could lead to commercial logging affecting nearly 60 per cent of the park’s area. Currently, this is allowed on 0 per cent of the park territory.

WWF-Bulgaria‘s Katerina Rakovska, Protected Areas and Natura 2000 Expert, and Alexander Dountchev, Forest Expert, explain the current situation and possible solutions.

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43 Reasons The North East Will Ruin The Rest Of England For You; Flo Perry; Buzz Feed

UK of Great Britain & Northern Ireland – Durham Castle and Cathedral

It’s not grim up north.

1. Because in Durham you can rent one of these boats for a tenner and paddle through a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. And afterwards you can explore one of the greatest buildings in the world, for free.

3. Because we might not get much sun, but the cold won’t spoil the view.

4. Because when the sun does come out, our coastline will take your breath away.

5. And it probably won’t be very crowded.

6. Because we have some of the best places for a winter’s walk in the country.

7. Because the cold brings a new kind of beauty you just don’t get down south.

8. Because sometimes a windy day is just what you need.

9. Because we’ve got more castles than you can shake a stick at.

10. And a stately home or two as well.

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10 Extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India; The Column

India – Red Fort Complex

With its long and rich history, India is home to an astounding array of remarkable sites, many of which have been given UNESCO World Heritage status. We take a look at 10 of the most extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, from royal palaces and tombs to ancient astronomical architecture.

The Red Fort, Delhi

Having been the residence of the Mughal Emperor, The Red Fort is both ornate and imposing, offering a tranquil retreat from the city within its red sandstone walls. The architecture fuses Persian, Hindu and Timurid elements, making it typical of the Mughal Empire. 

Jama Masjid, Delhi

As one of the largest mosques in India, constructed in red sandstone and marble by more than 5,000 artisans, Jamal Masjid is certainly an impressive sight.

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White snow turns Emei Mountain into a winter fairyland; Li Yan; China Daily

China – Mount Emei Scenic Area, including Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area

Gold Crest sits at an altitude of 3,077 meters in Emeishan city in Southwest China’s Sichuan province. The four greatest spectacular sights are sunrise, a sea of clouds, Buddha and holy rays. (Photo/Official Weibo account of Mountain Emei China)

Emei Mountain lies seven kilometers southwest of Emeishan city and represents one of the four mountain ranges in China that Buddhists consider sacred. It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1996. The mountain stretches more than 200 kilometers from north to south. Its main peak, Wanfo Crest, is 3,099 meters above sea level.

Since ancient times Emei Mountain has been described as “Beauty under Heaven”. Temples were built as early as the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220) and Buddhism was introduced to the mountain during the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234). In the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1644) there were more than 150 temples.

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A Walking Tour of Spain’s Toledo Attractions; Lance Longwell; Travel Addicts

Spain – Historic City of Toledo

The origin of the phrase “Holy Toledo” is a hotly contested topic. However, at least one origin story traces its roots back to the Holy Kingdom of Toledo in Spain. Toledo is a hill town in central Spain with a curious religious history. We recently took a walking tour of the Toledo attractions to understand what makes this place so unique.

My interest in Toledo, Spain started some 25 years before. As a high school student, friends of my parents had visited Toledo and brought back incredible photos of a hill-top town with stunning architecture. I was in my geeky architecture phase, and loved the photos. On our first trip to Spain in 2008, I’d wanted to visit Toledo but we couldn’t fit it into our already jam-packed trip. I knew we’d be back.

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3D scanning and education using Scotland’s Forth bridges; Corey Clarke; 3D Printing Industry

UK of Great Britain & Northern Ireland – The Forth Bridge

Back in 2014 a Scottish research group began laser scanning the Forth bridges, a group of bridges spanning the River Firth in Scotland. Using an initial £300,000 funding from the Scottish Government, the aim was to preserve the UNESCO World Heritage Site in digital form. Having successfully completed the scanning project, it has now been announced that Transport Scotland has provided a £425,000 grant in order to develop educational games, augmented reality applications and interactive virtual tours using the scans, these are set for release in 2018.

In order to digitally preserve the structure The Center for Digital Documentation and Visualization (CDDV), a partnership between Historic Environment Scotland and The Glasgow School of Art, used LIDAR to scan the historic site. CDDV have previously scanned other historic sites including the Sydney Opera House.

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Huge wildfire burns homes in Chile’s Valparaiso; AFP

Chile – Historic Quarter of the Seaport City of Valparaíso

A wildfire has ravaged woods and burned 100 homes in the hilly Chilean port city of Valparaiso, where authorities evacuated hundreds of people on Monday.

At least 19 people were reported hurt after the fire broke out on the outskirts of the historic port city, the government said.

Television pictures showed thick grey smoke filling the streets in the Laguna Verde district, where the blaze struck, and flames devouring green hillsides.

Hundreds of firefighters along with water-dumping airplanes and helicopters were battling the blaze, officials said.

“Emergency protocol have been activated,” the country’s President Michelle Bachelet said on Twitter. She expressed “solidarity with the people affected.”

The flames had “damaged 100 homes in an area where there are 500,” deputy interior minister Mahmud Aleuy told a news conference late Monday.

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4 Notable Heritage Sites In PH You Should Visit Before Europe’s Tourist Spots; Bernard Joseph Esposo Guerrero; Choose Philippines

Philippines – Historic City of Vigan

The Philippines has a rich history and culture, but we sometimes do not understand the country well enough to realize to what extent. It is not a question of whether we have it or not. Rather, it is of how much we really know and are aware. One way to get reacquainted with the Filipino identity and our past is by taking what I would call as a heritage trail up north. The beauty of Northern Philippines lies on the fact that it is home to four UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites.

What does this mean?

A UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS) is any given natural or cultural place, monument or landscape that holds outstanding universal values critical to the development of humanity, and which reflect diversity.

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Reinventing heritage buildings isn’t new at all – the ancients did it too; Candace Richards; The Conversation

Turkey – Ephesus

In any debate on new construction in our urban centres you are likely to hear phrases like sustainable urban planning, adaptive reuse and recycling heritage – so much so that anyone would be forgiven for thinking that these were modern concerns.

However, these principles have a long history in the ancient world. Anywhere permanent materials such as marble and granite were used to build monuments and infrastructure, recycling and reuse followed.

The ancient Roman world is littered with examples of architectural recycling. Under the banner spolia studies, archaeologists and art historians have increasingly focused attention on the hows and whys of reuse in antiquity.

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Fill your new year with beaches, caves and treehouses: 17 destinations for 2017; Christopher Reynolds; LA Times

France – Bordeaux, Port of the Moon

Here are 17 destinations that look especially fetching right now. The list includes cities, countries, islands and national parks on five continents; bohemians and Slovenians; spherical Canadian treehouses; vast Vietnamese caves; train tracks at 14,000 feet; and the mother of all Marimekko stores.

Some of these spots are in the middle of building booms. Some are celebrating historic anniversaries. Some have matured in subtler ways, thanks to tour guides, chefs or hoteliers.

1. Bordeaux

Bordeaux, which straddles the Garonne River in southwestern France, is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its wine and food. And the city’s attractions are multiplying. In the last three years, at least four river cruise companies have added Bordeaux itineraries.

Waterfront redevelopment and a growing tram system have improved downtown, allowing the city’s many 18th century buildings to shine more brightly.

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In Mexico City, A Technicolor Borough Serves Up Tasty Street Foods — On Water; Alex Zaragoza; 88.5 WFDD

Mexico – Historic Centre of Mexico City and Xochimilco

Erica Abad glides down the ancient canals of Xochimilco, a borough of Mexico City, on her gondola-like boat. Her cousin, Efren Lopez, steers their boat — called a chalupa — by pushing against the canal floor with a long wooden pole, while Abad flips a sizzling quesadilla on a steel griddle fitted into the boat. When a group of people on a nearby barge signal to them to order some quesadillas, Lopez navigates the boat toward them. And Abad places a few more quesadillas on the griddle for their customers. As the quesadillas turn golden, with the cheese inside perfectly melted, she fills them with huitlacoche (a deliciously earthy fungus that grows on organic corn), mushroom, chorizo, squash blossom and other ingredients.

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Skip the Beach and Head to the Stunning Interior of Mexico; Brad Cohen;

Mexico – Historic Town of Guanajuato and Adjacent Mines

Away from the coast is where you’ll find Mexico’s best architecture, cuisine and culture.

For most Americans, Mexico is a land of palm-lined beaches and all-inclusive resorts. But the country’s richest cultural experiences, most stunning architecture, most jaw-dropping ancient ruins and tastiest cuisine can all be found in the interior of the country.

Most of Mexico’s colonial towns and urban metropolises are far from the beach, and mostly gloriously devoid of the hordes of tourists that swarm the country’s coast. Here just a few of the top places you should visit:

San Miguel de Allende

Let’s get this out of the way: San Miguel de Allende is touristy, filled with expats and feels as much like Europe as it does like Mexico. But it’s filled with foreigners for a reason.

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Iguazu Falls: A Mini-Guide to The World’s Most Spectacular Waterfalls; Nick & Dariece; TravelPulse

Argentina – Iguazu National Park

Iguazu Falls or Iguaçu Falls, depending on which side of the gigantic South American waterfalls you are referring to, are not one of the natural wonders of the world without very good reason. These falls are taller and twice as wide as the famous Niagara Falls, with three times its flow capacity. If you are visiting South America, this UNESCO world heritage site should be at the top of your list!

Situated at the tri-border of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, it is recommended that you visit the National Parks in both Argentina and Brazil to experience the two-mile chain of jaw-dropping waterfall cascades in all their glory.

How to Get There

The most spectacular waterfalls in the world can be reached easily by plane or bus.

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