Sanssouci: Old Fritz’s Palace of No Worries; Katrin Figge

Photo: Leo Seidel © Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg

In his last will, Frederick the Great, the King of Prussia from 1740 to 1786, asked to be buried beside his beloved pet greyhounds in the terraced gardens of his favorite residence, Sanssouci Palace, in Potsdam near Berlin.

Source: Sanssouci: Old Fritz’s Palace of No Worries — Katrin Figge — City Beat

Korgalzhyn; Unesco


Kazakhstan – Saryarka – Steppe and Lakes of Northern Kazakhstan

Korgalzhyn, is Kazakhstan’s first biosphere reserve. Situated in the north central part of Kazakhstan, the site is a complex of freshwater and saline lakes embedded in the dry steppe zone of Eurasia. Environmental degradation caused by previously unsustainable management practices are now being addressed with a number of pilot projects.

Declaration date: 2012
Administrative authorities: Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve
Surface area: 1,603,171 ha
Core area(s): 543, 171 ha
Buffer zone(s): 90,000 ha
Transition area(s): 970,000 ha

Latitude: 49°54’N – 50°59’N
Longitude: 67°53’E – 71°01’E
Central point: 50º05’41″N – 69º12’09″E

Ecological Characteristics

The territory is characterized by elevated plains, hills, lake depressions and marked by an extreme-continental climate.

Korgalzhyn Biosphere Reserve is a natural complex of fresh and saline waters with coastal territories which include unique landscapes characteristics of the dry steppe zone of Eurasia. This makes it an important wetland site for migratory water birds. Potential fodder reserves of only one Tengiz lake are able to provide food for 15 million birds. The most Northern nesting population of Flamingo is located here; its population in some years may reach 50,000-60,000 birds.

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Bulgaria Marks 30 Y of Sensational Archaeological Discovery; Novinite

Photo: BGNES

Bulgaria marks Friday in the northeastern town of Isperih 30 years of the sensational discovery of the Thracian Sveshtari tomb included in the world cultural-historical heritage of UNESCO. In occasion of the anniversary, the first volunteer archaeological project is organized at the Sboryanovo site under the motto “Thracian Past – European Future” and the EU Program “Youth in Action.

Source: Bulgaria Marks 30 Y of Sensational Archaeological Discovery – – Sofia News Agency

From My Balcony: Morning Has Broken, Plus, A Trip To UNESCO World Heritage Site Saint-Emilion; Ralph Grizzle; Avid Cruiser

Silver Whisper overnighted in Bordeaux last night, and this morning Ralph Grizzle awoke to a gorgeous sunrise. The promise of a new day, from his balcony on Silver Whisper, with beautiful Bordeaux in the background.

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