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Sweden’s Queen Says Her Castle Is Haunted; CHRISTOPHER LUU; Refinery29

Sweden – Royal Domain of Drottningholm

The current Drottningholm Palace was built over a 16th-century castle that burned down in 1661. Fire, history, and royals? It’s the perfect formula for a haunting.

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Royal palace haunted by friendly ghosts, Sweden’s Queen Silvia says; Sky News

Sweden – Royal Domain of Drottningholm

The country’s longest serving monarchy tells a documentary that “you don’t always feel completely alone” at Drottningholm Palace.

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Touring Stockholm is a ‘capital idea’ in Sweden; Bob Taylor; Communities Digital News

Sweden – Skogskyrkogården

Stockholmers love to describe their city is “the best of the old, and the best of the new.” That’s probably the best way to describe Scandinavia’s largest city.

STOCKHOLM, December 30, 2016 – Stockholmers love to describe their city is “the best of the old, and the best of the new,” and that’s probably the best way to describe Scandinavia’s largest city.

Built on 14 islands, Stockholm is a thriving Baltic archipelago situated at the mouth of the country’s third largest lake, Lake Malaren, and the Baltic Sea.

The Swedes have had plenty of time to get it right, with settlements dating to the Stone Age in the 6th millennium BC. It was officially founded as a city in 1252 by Birger Jarl, a Swedish statesman who established the Old Town (Gamla Stan) on the central island.

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Travel Back in Time to Gammelstad Church Town; Jim Vail; Reflections EnRoute

I joined a small group of travel writers on an excursion to Luleå, the capital of Swedish Lapland as the guests of Luleå Tourism Board. One of the most interesting locations we visited was the World Heritage Site Gammelstad Church Town.

Our small group arrived at the Gammelstad visitor’s center after the short ride out of Luleå, excited by the beautifully photogenic red and white wood cottages and the massive stone church. It never fails, but when you gather together a small band of bloggers, vloggers, photographers, and videographers, you can bet it’s going to be a whole lot like herding kittens. Most of us sprang out of the van ready for action and already starting to wander off in every direction. Our expert trip coordinator, Camilla, knew better and quickly reeled us in. There would be plenty of time for wandering on our own later, first we would be treated to the grand tour complete with knowledgeable guide and storyteller, Christoffer.

Build the Church and the People Will Come

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12 Best Castles In Sweden To Visit; Lloyd; Hand Luggage Only

Photo: Hand Luggage Only

From a country that has so many legendary kings (Lloyd is shouting out the mythical Beowulf here), there are not quite as many castles as you’d imagine. That being said, the best castles in Sweden are pretty epic, even if they’re not in a huge abundance like some other European countries.

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Eurovision Discover Stockholm: Drottningholm Palace; Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani; ESCToday

Photo: EscToday

ESCToday in collaboration with the City of Stockholm will be bringing you a series of articles leading up to the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in order to showcase and introduce the 2016 Eurovision host city Stockholm to its readers.

Source: Eurovision Discover Stockholm: Drottningholm Palace –

Five gorgeous gems on Sweden’s High Coast; Danny Chapman; The Local

Photo: Hoga Kusten

Did you know Sweden’s High Coast is a Unesco World Heritage Site? Danny Chapman tracked down the five beauty spots you must visit in this stunning north-eastern region for The Local.

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Call For Proposals: Hello Nature!; James Taylor-Foster; ArchDaily

Photo: ArchDaily

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