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Texel: An American Revolution Rebel Respite and Europe’s Last WWII Battlefield; Jim Goyjer; DutchReview

The serene island of Texel has had a rich, dynamic and turbulent history, which includes a brush with the American Revolution and the location of WWII’s last battlefield. Now it’s a paradise for hikers, cyclists, horseback riders, artists and sheep. Texel has something for everyone, from historians and nature lovers to sheep and birdwatchers. It…

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Stijn Poelstra’s Photographs the Schröder House; Khool

archatlas: Stijn Poelstra’s Photographs the Schröder House  Photographer Stijn Poelstra has captured the abstract proportions and primary colours of a Gerrit Rietveld-designed Schröder House in Utrecht. Deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site, the house in the Netherlands was designed by the Dutch furniture designer and architect in 1924. Rietveld was part of the De Stijl art movement pioneered by abstract artists Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg. Their work was characterised by a rigid geometry of horizontal and vertical lines using a limited palette of black, white, yellow, red and blue.


A Guide to 7 Breathtaking Castles in the Netherlands; Veronika Licheva; DutchReview

Netherlands – Defence Line of Amsterdam

There are some pretty breathtaking castles in the Netherlands that you shouldn’t miss out on! Here is a quick guide to 8 of the most beautiful castles that Holland has to offer.

#1 De Haar Castle, Utrecht

De Haar Castle in Utrecht is considered to be the most luxurious castle in the Netherlands. Dating all the way back to 1391, the castle grounds cover more than 135 acres of land. Even though many of the original gardens were destroyed during World War II, today they have been restored back to their former glory. Multiple beautiful lakes and charming bridges can be found scattered across the castle’s grounds. However, the highlight of the garden remains the remarkable maze. The castle also functions as a site to multiple festivals and events. The most exciting (and dorky) is the Elf Fantasy Fair, where participants get to dress up as magical creatures and party all night long.

#2 Muiderslot Castle, Muiden

The Muiderslot Castle in Muiden is a medieval castle built in 1370.

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Royal Dutch Mint showcases a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Defence Line of Amsterdam; Mick Woodgate; AgAuNews

Netherlands – Defence Line of Amsterdam

The Stelling van Amsterdam (Defence Line of Amsterdam) is a complete ring of fortifications extending more than 135 km around the city of Amsterdam and is the only example of a fortification based on the principle of controlling local water bodies. Built between 1883 and 1920, a ring of 45 forts, along with dikes, sluices and canals, was designed to repel and protect against a land invasion by another European power.

Spread apart in a ring, with distances not exceeding 3.5 km between them, the forts used a combination of firepower and selective flooding for defence. It was all for naught however, as the advent of airpower after the First World War made fortifications like these obsolete. Decommissioned in 1963, the fort network never saw combat service.

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Fight the winter blues with the Blijdorp Winter Festival; Ceren Spuyman; DutchReview

Netherlands – Van Nellefabriek

Summer is a short period of time in the Netherlands and with the sunnier days being long gone (as you would expect from the Dutch weather), it’s getting harder and harder to find reasons (other than boring ones such as working and studying) to go out and endure the chilly weather. But don’t mourn for the summer festivals! There is still hope!

A Winter Festival You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Blijdorp Winterfestival is a house, techno and hip hop festival in Rotterdam it will turn The Van Nelle Factory (a national monument) into a funky land of discovery for you, with stages inside and outside this historical UNESCO World Heritage Site venue.

Where is Blijdorp Winter Festival?

As we mentioned before, the event will turn the monumental Van Nelle Factory into a fun and mysterious festival ground.

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