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The World’s Fastest Glacier Is Loud, Dangerous, and Transfixing; Matthew H Birkhold; Atlas Obscura

For those in the Greenlandic town of Ilulissat, it’s also an enchanting neighbor.

Source: The World’s Fastest Glacier Is Loud, Dangerous, and Transfixing

Step Into a Piece of Shakespeare’s World with a Signature Experience in Copenhagen; Daniel; Holland America Blog

Denmark – Kronborg Castle

Copenhagen is a can’t-miss destination when exploring the Baltic Sea on a cruise with Holland America Line. The city’s old cobbled streets, brightly colored harbor and the tower- and turret-dotted skyline lend a fairy-tale charm that make Denmark’s capital one of the easiest European cities to love.

For the 2018 season, Holland America is providing guests with an exclusive opportunity to be enthralled in a piece of Danish history with the Copenhagen Signature Experience: A Night at Kronborg Castle. Our new signature Experiences, like the one at Copenhagen, give guests a couple of extra days before the cruise to get to know some of the world’s most beloved cities more intimately.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kronborg Castle is a Renaissance masterpiece and has been immortalized by one phrase: “To be, or not to be…”.

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Bring on Valhalla: on the Viking trail in Denmark; Kari Herbert; The Guardian

Denmark – Jelling Mounds, Runic Stones and Church

West Jutland is bringing old Norse culture to life with interactive attractions alongside historic sites and nature trails. Mother and daughter immerse themselves in a land of legend.

The longhouse is warm and dark. Embers smoulder in a fire-pit in the centre of the hall; above it hang blackened joints of meat. The air is thick with wood smoke. As our eyes adjust to the gloom, we make out the wide seating platforms, strewn with sheepskins on one side, and heavy chairs on the other. Shields and tapestries line the walls and carved wooden figures stand guard.

My daughter Nell and I have come to West Jutland to join a “Viking trail” and to visit some of the area’s historic sites and new attractions.

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Marshes, mud flats and migrating birds on Denmark’s Wadden Sea; Oliver Lowenstein; The Guardian

A futuristic thatched visitor centre is the latest focal point in Denmark’s Unesco-listed coastal national park, perfect for twitchers, cyclists and oyster lovers.

Eastwards, the view feels like it goes on for a thousand miles. It must be 15km or maybe 20. Looking west, the sight lines are just as flat, though here the low-lying vistas are marshy, with rivulets snaking their way across the flat sands to the North Sea proper, several kilometres further downstream. In a country that has barely a hill to its name, south-west Jutland is Denmark at its flattest.

The Wadden Sea, running from the northern Netherlands across Germany’s north coast and up Denmark’s west coast past the city of Esbjerg, is one of the world’s largest and Europe’s longest continuous stretch of wetlands.

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Touch a 1,000-year-old Viking palisade; The History Blog


Denmark – Jelling Mounds, Runic Stones and Church

The town of Jelling in Jutland, Denmark, was the seat of the earliest kings of Denmark in the 10th century. Today the Jelling complex consists of two large burial mounds, two monumental runestones and a small church built on the site of three earlier wooden churches going back 1,000 years. The combination of tumuli, runestones and church capture the transition from the traditional Norse religion to Christianity. King Gorm the Old, the first king of Denmark, dedicated the smaller and older of the runestones. The inscription translates to: “King Gormr made this monument in memory of Thyrvé, his wife, Denmark’s adornment.”

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14 Top-Rated Day Trips from Copenhagen; Barbara Radcliffe Rogers; PlanetWare

Denmark – Stevns Klint

With all the tourist attractions in Copenhagen, you won’t have trouble finding things to do in this exciting Nordic city. But plenty of interesting places are also within easy day-trip distance. You’ll find tours offered to many of these, or you can use Denmark’s excellent public transportation network to visit them. Some, like the lovely fishing town of Dragør, are an easy bicycle ride away. Denmark has some outstanding castles that you can reach from Copenhagen, the most famous of which is Kronborg Castle, the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. A new maritime museum and a world-class collection of modern art are nearby. Often included in a day tour to Kronborg Castle is Frederiksborg Castle, set in stunning gardens. Or you can cross the remarkable Oresund Bridge to Sweden to visit the exciting city of Malmö.

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