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In the land of the Buddha; Kausalya Santhanam; The Hindu

Photo: Anup Mukerji

Bodh Gaya is a journey of the mind and spirit when stories once heard materialise into serene reality and scenes evoke lessons learnt from textbooks…

Source: In the land of the Buddha

Learning history in a funway; Pichaya Svasti; Bangkok Post

Photo: Bangkok Post

Visiting historical parks and museums may well have been boring in the past. Well, not any more. Visitors cannot only look at ruins of palaces and temples or ancient artefacts, but they can also have fun learning about the history from well-trained guides and multimedia presentations, share opinions, ask questions, and grasp what the old sites were like in ancient times.

Source: Learning history in a funway

Armenia: Christianity’s forgotten cradle; PeopleOfAr

Photo: PeopleOfAr

A wonderful article on Armenia by Ruth Hill of Washington Times, who writes columns about contemporary Christian travel destinations.

Ancient stone walls hang off cliffs overlooking the beautiful Azat River Gorge in Armenia. Grounds of the Geghard Monastery hold monastic cells and several small churches, cut from surrounding rock during the 11thcentury. Visitors can almost hear the chanting monks whose pious steps have worn valleys into the stone steps.

Source: Armenia: Christianity’s forgotten cradle – PeopleOfAr

Sundarbans Mangroves: Freshwater Species of the Week; Brian Clark Howard; National Geographic

Mangroves anchor the edges of the world, but they are slipping away, thanks to coastal development, pollution, over-harvesting, nutrient loading, overuse of freshwater, and climate change. The world’s largest intact halophytic (salt-tolerating) mangrove forest is the Sundarbans, a UNESCO World Heritage…

Source: Sundarbans Mangroves: Freshwater Species of the Week

The hidden gateway; Pongpet Mekloy; Bangkok Post

Photo: Bangkok Post

Hidden in a secluded narrow passage between the limestone cliff faces, sheltered beneath a towering natural arch as tall as the mountains that conceal it from the outside world, the “ancient” Chinese way station down below not only looks as if it has always been there for centuries but also adds entrancing magic to this mystifying sanctum.

Source: The hidden gateway