11 Travel Destinations to Visit in 2018; YourAmazingPlaces

Mexico – Historic Centre of Puebla

It is never too early, or too late, to start planning for a holiday. Here, we look at 11 awesome places you may want to visit for your 2018 holiday. As you dream of your destination and scour the internet for travel ideas and advice, remember to check out AMI NZ for affordable travel insurance.

Cape Verde

Looking for that special mixture of the Caribbean, Africa, and Iberian Peninsula? Then head over to Cape Verde for your next holiday. This is a group of islands that are well known for their great music, friendly culture, and out of this world beaches. The country also has an impressive history, visit the Cidade Velha UNESCO World Heritage Site, a Portuguese outpost where Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama are said to have stopped over during their epic 15th century voyages.


Beautifully sandwiched between two other must-see destinations, Italy and Tunisia, Malta is a centuries old destination with a fascinating history. In just a few minutes of driving around, you will feel like you have been to ancient Greece, parts of the Middle East, and back.

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