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Coming Attraction: It’s Alamo Plaza Week in San Antonio; Robert Rivard; Rivard Report

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This is the week many have been waiting for: The Alamo Plaza brain trust and its team of designers, preservationists, and placemakers will unveil the draft site plan for the redevelopment of  the historic plaza.

Local media, including the Rivard Report, will be briefed next week, and the public will gets its first look at the plan when the four-year-old Alamo Citizens Advisory Committee will meet Thursday, June 7, from 6-8 p.m. to receive a presentation of the draft site plan, its central elements, and the timeline for moving forward with public hearings and City Council consideration.

That meeting is open to the public, and it’s clear that the principals have learned from the ill-fated plan presented more than one year ago. For starters, Thursday’s public meeting will be held in the Witte Museum’s Prassel Auditorium at 3801 Broadway St., a far more accessible locale for most than the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, site of the 2017 limited public hearings.

This year, a full schedule of public hearings will be held throughout the 10 City Council districts, meaning everyone lives close to at least one meeting locale.

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