The Most Tranquil Secret Beaches on Earth; Holidays Please Blog

Australia – Lord Howe Island Group

On holiday, we all dream of a beautiful beach with the warm powdered sand between your toes listening to the soothing clear waves lapping against the shore as you soak up the glorious sun. We all know the feeling when we turn up to a stunning beach and its packed full of people and anything but what you imagined!

The good news is, there are still undiscovered beaches out there! Blissful hideaways where the crowds of tourists haven’t yet eclipsed the tranquilly and local culture.

From catching waves the perfect waves at an uncrowded surf spot, to sunbathing on peaceful small beach bays. We have gathered together five beautifully blissful beaches that are yet to reach the crowds!

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Far from the busting crowds of Phucket and Phi Phi, Koh Lanta offers sunset-drenched beaches with pristine sands and world-class coral reefs. Be welcomed by the friendly Thai locals who live in stilt houses within small fishing villages dotted around the island. The further south you venture on the island, the more secluded it becomes.

Palm Beach, Barbuda

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