Monopoly Edinburgh – Selling a City; Mike Small; Bella Caledonia

UK – Old and New Towns of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is being sold. Scotland’s capital is being sold-out from under our feet. Day-in-day-out property developers in cahoots with a conniving and inept council are buying and selling the very heart and soul of the city. Whether its architectural vandalism or asset-stripping of public buildings and resources, the pattern is the same – streets and common land sold-off on the Monopoly board of urban capitalism. The ‘City of Literature’ has become a plaything for millionaires whilst the planning regulation and heritage bodies stand idly by. It’s apparent that the City is under siege from global speculation, and this week we face a key test with the battle to save Central Library.

Proposals to build a massive Virgin Hotel, rising to 11 storeys, behind the library which will block out light and undermine the entire user experience have faced strong opposition but have been met so far by at best incompetence and at worst collusion. There continues to be a complete failure of political leadership about one of the country’s finest assets, a key public building and resource being undermined for the good of the super-rich.

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