5 Unforgettable Places to See on a Day Trip to Sintra; Tamara, Glenn & Hannah; We3Travel

Portugal – Cultural Landscape of Sintra

A day trip to Sintra Portugal is like visiting a place where Europe’s prettiest castles have been squished onto a hilltop and with a dash of Disney and a generous sprinkling of Gaudi’s most fantastical imaginings thrown in. Instagram images of the red and yellow turrets and towers of the Peña Palace resemble something from a fairy tale. This is one of the reasons why Sintra is such a popular day trip from Lisbon. But there is so much more.

I’ve wanted to visit Sintra since I first saw pictures of this fantasyland, but I had no idea that this hillside town is actually the home to many palaces and architectural wonders. Sintra’s history goes back to the neolithic period. It has been a summer retreat for monarchs over the years because of it cooler climate. Today Sintra is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site and should be on your bucket list.

Located just 30 minutes from Lisbon by train, it is truly a must do if you are spending three days in Lisbon (or more!)

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