The Top 10 Most Amazing Fjords in the World; Luxatic

Denmark – Ilulissat Icefjord

Though usually associated with Norway, fjords are found in many places throughout the globe, such as Alaska, Chile, New Zealand, Labrador, British Columbia and quite a few more. They are formed by glaciers through cutting a U-shaped valley in the terrain, with some being formed a long, long time ago, and others in the process today.

The word fjord comes indeed from Norwegian and it means a long narrow body of water, channel or inlet. The reason why many people associate fjords with Norway alone is the fact that this country does have some of the most impressive fjords in the world, thus making it the prime tourist attraction when it comes to these monumental land formations.

Let’s now take a look at The Top 10 Fjords in the World, the ones that are the most beautiful and that impress the most:

10. Howe Sound – Canada

Situated to the northwest of Vancouver, Canada, the Howe Sound fjord is more like a triangular network of fjords and islands, with high peaks sticking out of the sea in a marvelous natural show of beauty.

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