Newfoundland’s Eastern Coast; Bobbie Hasselbring; Motor Home

Canada – Mistaken Point

With nearly 11,000 miles of shoreline, The Rock is a naturally gorgeous wonderland for exploring in a motorhome

The sign reads: “St. Vincent’s Beach Where the Whales Come to Play.” The wet, gleaming back of a 50-foot humpback suddenly appears just 10 feet from where the water meets the sand. Excited visitors, cameras and phones in hand, scurry along, tracking the whale as it rises and falls in the shallow water. I rush toward the beach just as the cetacean’s bumpy head and back crest the water, and it blows a jet of water and air with a whooshing sound. All around are tiny bubbles. The whale is bubble-net fishing — corralling tiny smelt-like capelin.

Another cetacean, slightly smaller, swims along the beach-line, showing its back, then its curved tail fluke. A third whale bobs a little farther down, swimming toward me, circling back to catch more fish. In the bay, a dozen whale waterspouts blow high into the air.
I reach the water’s edge just as the big whale lifts its knobby head completely out of the water. It opens its vast mouth, displaying long black and white grooves under its jaw.

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