Mosaic Marvels: Top Architecture Spots for your Europe Trip; Heather Gursky; Ecophiles

Portugal – Cultural Landscape of Sintra

Europe is renowned for its stunning architecture across destinations. The astonishing masterpieces often include colorful mosaic and beautifully designed tile work – and simply can’t miss them on your Europe trip. Whether they are located in a house, a church, or a mausoleum, these delicate pieces of art have been around for centuries and still captivate travel lovers from around the world.

Here’s the best of Europe’s architecture and design for your travel bucket list. Plan a summer getaway with a cheap flight to your favorite European destination.

The House of Million Pieces – Chartres, France

La Maison Picassiette or “The House of Millions Pieces” is a tiny house built in the 1930s by Raymond Isadore. He was inspired to build something greater and started to decorate his petite maison in mosaic.

Over the years, the maison’s interior (including the furniture) and exterior was covered in broken tile pieces, glass, procelain, crockery, and any other material that he could get his hands on. At the beginning of the ’60s, Isadore had to stop because there was nothing left to cover.

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