Borabadur and Prambanang; Sara Thomas; Travel Blog

Indonesia – Prambanan Temple Compounds

We decide to skip the 3am departure to watch the sun rise over Borobudur, and instead allow ourselves a lie in till 6am, which allows time for breakfast and a very brief glimpse of the volcano before it vanishes back into the mist.

Borobudur is an hour’s drive away, and August takes us on the back routes which are far more scenic and rural and much quieter than the highway. All the guide books say it’s vital to get there before 7.30am when the tour parties arrive, as it gets appallingly crowded. We are nervous that our need for sleep may result in a dreadful visit fighting off the crowds, so are pleasantly surprised, not to say relieved, when we arrive to find a peaceful car park and nobody ahead of us in the ticket queue. The foreigners pay way more than the locals to visit but the ticket office is all very civilised and air conditioned and they even give you a welcome drink. Different to visiting any temple in India! Apparently as it’s Ramadan people stay at home rather more, which is good news for us.

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