Experiencing local culture with Le Cordon Bleu and Denise Marchessault; Michael Tulipan; Travel Squire

Canada – Rideau Canal

The art of travel these days extends far beyond checking off sights on a bucket list. Visitors are looking for experiences that entice, challenge and immerse. As the world becomes ever closer thanks to technology and the ease of transportation, real life and experiencing local culture are merging into a new type of adventure with endless possibilities.

This new era of travel allows us to challenge our world and ourselves. You can join a charity project in Africa, learning from the locals as you effect change, or you can throw off one career in pursuit of another. Looking for a career change and place to explore your passion? What better way to reorient your life than in a different city or country? Work remotely or explore a culture through the eyes of locals. Rent an Airbnb and live in a real neighborhood rather than a tourist hotel. After all, the sky is the limit!

One institution that is helping people transition careers is Le Cordon Bleu, with its immersive culinary programs at campuses around the world.

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