Chongqing day trip: Wulong karst (3 natural bridges); Beyond Banality

China – South China Karst

If you only have time for one day trip in Chongqing, China, definitely go to Wulong (武隆) to see the spectacular karst formations.

The UNESCO world heritage site of 3 natural bridges (天生三桥) in the Wulong karst region form the largest natural bridge cluster in Asia, and walking the paved 2.5km route under these massive arches is simply breathtaking. [Fun geek fact: As at May 2018 there are 1,073 UNESCO world heritage sites globally, including 52 in China. 12 of the 52 are natural sites and 3 natural bridges is one of the 12, part of the South China Karst system.]

Wulong karst region (nearest town: Xiannv town 仙女镇, translated as Fairy town) is about 185km (3h) east of Chongqing city. There are four main scenic spots in the Wulong karst region: 1) 3 natural bridges 天生三桥 2) longshuixia gorge 龙水峡地缝 3) Fairy mountain 仙女山 and 4) Furong cave 芙蓉洞. You can cover the the first quite easily in a day trip from Chongqing city, or both 1) and 2) if you are visiting in low season (=no queues). If you want to cover all four scenic spots, an overnight stay will be required.

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