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India – The Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

Knocking the doors of my brain, I often ask that why do thoughts of touring Rajasthan and gazing its architecture keep on floating like an endless ocean every now and then, and probably I know the answer…

With a royal state that is planned so as to bring peace and prosperity and is dipped in the charm of intricate carvings, anyone is bound to fall in love. The credit here goes to the Hindu, Islamic and Jain architectural influences, a big shout out from architecture lovers. Now if we come to think of it there are so many monuments in Rajasthan that picking out one is quiet a task, right? Worry not as I have listed the best monuments in Rajasthan and that too 25 of them. So get ready to give yourself visual treats and feed your mind with the stories about these best historical places to visit in Rajasthan that are going to take you by surprise.

Let the exploring begin!

City Palace, Jaipur: Get enchanted by the commingle of different styles of architecture at their best

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