Sightseeing by bike; My Switzerland

Switzerland – Abbey of St Gall

Want to explore cities and picturesque villages by bike? Get on your bike and stop off to see some fantastic sights. These 12 tips will fit nicely into your bike basket.

in BELLINZONA succumb to southern charm

Discover the castles of Bellinzona by bike – but beware of the steep ascent. Then head back down, visit the Saturday market and make a cultural stop at the Villa dei Cedri.

Saturday Market Bellinzona

Castles of Bellinzona

Villa dei Cedri

GRUYÈRE surrounded by rolling hills and lush meadows

At this sight, you feel your mouth begin to water because you know that Maison Gruyère is just around the corner. Feeling fortified and satisfied, you go through the old town of Gruyère, past the HR Gyger Museum to the castle, where exciting stories lie hidden.

Gruyères castle

La Maison du Gruyère AOP

ZOFINGEN pedal around its 21 fountains

The old town of Zofingen is not only impressive on account of how well-preserved it is, but also due to its 21 active fountains.

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