A Guide to 7 Breathtaking Castles in the Netherlands; Veronika Licheva; DutchReview

Netherlands – Defence Line of Amsterdam

There are some pretty breathtaking castles in the Netherlands that you shouldn’t miss out on! Here is a quick guide to 8 of the most beautiful castles that Holland has to offer.

#1 De Haar Castle, Utrecht

De Haar Castle in Utrecht is considered to be the most luxurious castle in the Netherlands. Dating all the way back to 1391, the castle grounds cover more than 135 acres of land. Even though many of the original gardens were destroyed during World War II, today they have been restored back to their former glory. Multiple beautiful lakes and charming bridges can be found scattered across the castle’s grounds. However, the highlight of the garden remains the remarkable maze. The castle also functions as a site to multiple festivals and events. The most exciting (and dorky) is the Elf Fantasy Fair, where participants get to dress up as magical creatures and party all night long.

#2 Muiderslot Castle, Muiden

The Muiderslot Castle in Muiden is a medieval castle built in 1370.

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