10 Utterly Unique and Totally Crazy Things to Do in Ethiopia; Steph; Big World Small Pockets


Ethiopia – Simien National Park

It’s no secret, my love for Ethiopia is unmatched.

Start up a conversation with me about this amazing country and you’re likely to regret it; such is my ability to wax lyrical about this totally unique place!

For it is totally unique.

I’ve travelled across Africa, and even in the countries that border this landlocked country, none are even remotely similar to the one and only Ethiopia.

And so, in case I need to prove to you just how fantastic and totally different this sensational destination is, here are 10 utterly unique and totally crazy things to do in Ethiopia!

#1 Feed Wild Hyenas in Harar

Coming in first on the list is certainly one of the craziest things to do in Ethiopia and an eternal crowd pleaser that proves just how bonkers this country is!

Yes, in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Harar in eastern Ethiopia you can feed wild hyenas.

And I’m not talking here about throwing these well-known predators a bit of meat from a distance.

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