Paris’s Riverside Booksellers Seek UNESCO Status; Jade Cuttle; Culture Trip

France – Paris, Banks of the Seine

Pick up any postcard of Paris and you’ll see the river Seine lined with antique bookstalls. This tradition stretches back centuries and contributes to the bohemian image of intellectualism of which Paris is so proud. Now, these booksellers are seeking UNESCO status to ensure the tradition continues.

The city of Paris is world famous for the second-hand bookstalls that line the gorgeous banks of the river Seine, once described as ‘the only river in the world that runs between two bookshelves’.

These banks were granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 1991 and so, it seems only natural that the bookstalls responsible for its charm have the chance to revel in the status they so deserve. Strolling through Paris on a summer’s day just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Many people think that this prestigious status is awarded only to unique monuments, buildings or geographic places. But this isn’t always the case, as the 250 booksellers – or bouquinistes as they are known among the locals – demonstrate. They have started a campaign to become a UNESCO World Heritage piece of ‘intangible cultural heritage’.

Read more from source: Paris’s Riverside Booksellers Seek UNESCO Status


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