Offbeat European Cities to visit this summer!; Shipra; Live from a Lounge

Croatia – Old City of Dubrovnik

Summers are perhaps the best time to visit Europe, and everyone is already firming up their vacation plans. While the typical tourist hotspots such as Paris, Rome and Barcelona will continue to attract millions, the LFAL team put our collective experience together to enlist unique places to go to and quaint towns that you should put on your radar for a healthy dose of scenic beauty, culture and history.

Here are our top picks of European cities to visit this summer that will make you dream of Europe long after you come back from your trip.

Annecy, France

4-hours by train from Paris lies Annecy in southeastern France. This quaint town is nestled on the banks of the beautiful Lake Annecy and overlooks the snow-capped French Alps. It’s almost like you are in Switzerland, but you are still in France.

Rent a bike and spend the day cycling around the lake. Take a stroll along the canals.

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