Taking pictures here could get you arrested; Travel Wire Asia

India – Taj Mahal

THE Instagrammability of a destination is a key factor when booking a vacation, especially among the younger generation.

From Asia’s most Instagrammable beaches to the brunch dishes “breaking Instagram”, many people want to know their vacation snaps will give them bragging rights and at least 100-plus likes.

Scrolls and scrolls of beaches, cocktails, snowy mountain peaks, sunsets, tropical animals and cultural monuments line the Instagram-sphere.

But there are some places in the world where your snap-happy picture-taking addiction can get you in trouble.

Here are a few places in Asia we advise you to put your camera away and use your own peepers.

Taj Mahal

Ever wondered why the only view you see of India’s Taj Mahal is from the outside?

Photography is entirely banned inside the Unesco World Heritage site.

Some tourists to this New Seven Wonders of the World site have said guards check to make sure you’re not sneaking a snap.

Others, however, said the chaos and sheer tourist numbers mean guards can’t check everyone.

Jiangsu National Security Education Museum

Read more from source: Taking pictures here could get you arrested – Travel Wire Asia


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