Scott Taylor, Temperate House Supervisor; Pumpkin Beth

UK – Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

The Temperate House is the world’s largest surviving Victorian glasshouse!  This substantial glasshouse is sited at the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew, which itself is a National Treasure and an UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The Temperate House is a Grade I Listed Building.  When this glasshouse’s refurbishment programme commenced work in 2013, the Temperate House was in a dilapidated condition, at this time the Temperate House was on English Heritage’s Buildings at Risk Register.

As part of the ambitious project, which started in 2012 to repair and restore the Temperate House, this entire glasshouse has now undergone an extensive refurbishment programme.  In order to carry out the necessary remedial works, the Temperate House was clad in approximately 180km of birdcage scaffolding and encased in a protective tent-like structure.  The frame of the glasshouse was then sandblasted, all of the glass was removed and 150,000 panes of glass were replaced.  Following these works, the entire structure was then repainted with 5,280 litres of paint!  As a result of these substantial remedial works, the Temperate House now enjoys fully operational ventilation, new soil, and a new heating system.

Read more from source: Scott Taylor, Temperate House Supervisor – Pumpkin Beth

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