The art lover’s guide to travelling the world; Harper’s Bazaar

Mexico – Central University City Campus of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

In a world where indulging our passions has become second nature, travel has become more than just an enjoyable getaway, but a means by which to explore interests old and new.

Why and where we choose to travel is a choice motivated by a number of factors, each of which varies from person to person. From history and cuisine to discovering the world’s best beaches, these are motivators that come up time and again. But recently, there has been a long overdue shift to travelling for the arts.

The arts have always held a mesmeric power in their ability to shine a spotlight onto destinations and neighbourhoods that, perhaps, we would not have considered otherwise. Travelling through the lens of galleries, museums, architecture, theatre and more shows another side to these destinations, as you step away from the crowds to discover a world which gives you a true flavour for a destination, its culture and its people. Here, the top 9 cities in the world to visit–if not solely for their art hubs.

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