Where to eat, drink, and stay on Lake Geneva; Ray Isle; Food And Wine

Switzerland – Lavaux, Vineyard Terraces

Set course for Lavaux, on the shores of Lake Geneva, for a taste of Switzerland’s most storied—and stunningly beautiful—wine region.

As the saying has it, there are three suns that shine on the Lavaux vineyard terraces in Switzerland. The first is the sun on the vines, the second is the sun that reflects off the hand-hewn stone terraces on which those vines grow, and the last is the sun on Lake Geneva itself, warming its deep, azure waters. The result of those suns is that Lavaux—and really all of Switzerland’s Vaud canton—produces remarkable wines. The hitch is that, outside of Swiss borders, almost nobody knows about them.

So, go. Vaud, which embraces the north shore of Lake Geneva, 
is truly one of the world’s most spectacular vineyard regions—a bold statement, given the competition, but true, particularly of the Lavaux subregion. Its intricate terraced stone walls, originally built in the 1200s by northern Italian stonemasons, helped make it a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.

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