48 hours in Porto Travel Guide; Claudia; Grrrl Traveler

Portugal – Historic Centre of Oporto, Luiz I Bridge and Monastery of Serra do Pilar

Penned under our expert traveler series, this guest post is written by traveler and expat, Claudi, who blogs for CoupleRTW. As Portuguese living in Angola for three years, they have written extensively about Angola and Portugal.  She will be your Porto travel guide, showing you the best things to do in Porto. 

Porto, in Portugal, is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. The city is classified as UNESCO World cultural heritage due to its striking landscape with 2000 years of Portuguese history. Porto is bathed by the sea and the river Douro and is packed with historic landmarks and a unique culture. We planned the ideal itinerary to travel Porto in 48 hours so you can take the most of your time.

Here’s what to do and eat if you only have 48 hours in Porto:

What to do with 48 hours in Porto

Start your visit by strolling Porto’s downtown where you will find most of Porto’s top attractions. The downtown has loads of spots to visit, but they are relatively close in walking distance.

Read more from source: 48 hours in Porto Travel Guide


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