Exploring Andalucia – Things to Do in Seville; Just a Pack

Spain – Cathedral, Alcázar and Archivo de Indias in Seville

Travelers who enjoy a mix of grandiose historical ambiance and modern trappings of the New World will find loads of things to do in Seville.

Southern Spain is filled with amazing gateways to the past and none more spectacular than Andalucia’s capital of Seville. As one of our favorite cities in Europe Seville offered us countless hours of exciting exploration. The city is a fascinating and eclectic mix of Gothic, Mudéjar, Baroque, and modern architecture; examples of each style can be found around every corner, within every plaza.

Wander Seville’s orange tree adorned streets, busy plazas and quite courtyards during the deserted siesta hours to take everything in. Return at night to see the city come back to life as the scorching summer sun recedes and locals come back out to socialize over tapas and coffee and wine.

If you are like us you can spend hours exploring the city before you return to your favorite cafe for an evening drink and then transition t0 a (the infamously late) dinner.

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