Why a stay at the Palais Amani in Fez will leave foodies drooling; Liz Hoggard; Daily Mail

Morocco – Medina of Fez


  • Foodie hotel Palais Amani in Fez offers a masterclass with chef Zakia Mounadil
  • She shows guests where to buy top ingredients from the medina’s food market
  • Then back at the hotel she shows them how to whip up a three-course lunch 
  • Palais Amani is a restored art deco riad located next to one of the medina’s gates

Wandering the streets of Fez’s ancient walled medina is like a magical mystery tour.

There are filigreed metal lamps and intricate wooden carvings, richly dyed carpets and traditional djellaba (hooded kaftans). Carts and donkeys piled high with goods jostle with shoppers.

Nothing prepares you for the riot of flavour and colour that is the medina. A Unesco world heritage site, it is the world’s largest car-free urban area.

We are here at the labyrinthine food market to choose ingredients to cook an authentic Moroccan feast. Our female chef Zakia Mounadil, from top foodie hotel Palais Amani, is showing us the best places to buy spices, fresh coriander and mint, and extra virgin olive oil.


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