Amazing ruins where mother nature ran riot; Love Exploring

Libya – Archaeological Site of Sabratha

The places where nature rules

From prehistoric settlements and wonders of the ancient world to classical palaces and entire cities, some of the planet’s most amazing sights haven fallen victim to the forces of nature. Some were beaten into oblivion by severe weather, and others were simply abandoned by their human inhabitants, allowing nature to run its course. We pick some of the world’s most fascinating spots all but forgotten by mankind, but ravaged by Mother Nature.

Ross Island, India

Part of India’s remote Andaman archipelago, Ross Island became a colonial British settlement in the 18th century. But, due to the intense heat and changeable weather, these settlers soon left. The British returned again in 1857, when they turned the jungle-clad island into a penal colony for Indian revolters. As the prison expanded to the other Andaman isles, Ross Island became its administrative headquarters.

As the Indian rebels suffered in makeshift barracks, the British ensured the rest of Ross Island was transformed into their own lavish base. Comfortable houses and a grand church were built by the prisoners for the colonizers. But, by the early 1940s, the prison had ceased operation.

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