Get over it, ‘Adopt a heritage’ scheme actually makes sense; Deepak Singh; NewsBytes

India – Red Fort Complex

Government’s ‘Adopt a Heritage’ (AaH) project stirred the Internet after Dalmia group signed an MoU to adopt the Red Fort.

In mere seven months, 33 agencies have shown interest in becoming a ‘Monument Mitra’ for 98 monuments.

The ongoing controversy is superbly misplaced and is making an unnecessary political furore in projecting the move as anti-India.

Let’s discuss why India actually needs this scheme.

State of Indian heritage sites

In a country where culture is fast losing value, heritage sites are a welcome change.

However, a mere UNESCO tag is not enough. The cost of preserving these sites is humongous and private companies’ CSR activities can certainly help them.

As a matter of fact, according to the CAG, the World Heritage sites haven’t been properly maintained by its guardian, the Archaeological Survey of India, in all these years.

But, what concerns the Left libertarian?

Many are worried that the move will allow privatization of these monuments. However, it needs to be pointed out that the government is not selling the monuments, it is only “handing over” their adoption.


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