Iranian windcatchers: Taming harsh climate for natural ventilation; Arghavan Shamsara; Russia News Now

Iran – Historic City of Yazd

Iranians have managed to tame the hostile conditions of arid climate and extremely warm regions for thousands of years through construction of windcatchers as a sustainable air ventilation technique and artistic representation of their ingenuity in architectural designs.

A windcatcher, windtower, or as Persians called it, badgir, is an architectural element for creation of natural air conditioning in buildings in arid and extremely warm areas.

The birthplace of the technology is still unclear, but it is believed to be initially used by ancient Egyptians. However, it was the Iranians who made the most of the versatile technology and excelled at building the world’s most famous windtowers.

The file photo shows the windtower of the Boroujerdi Mansion in the central Iranian city of Kashan.

Apart from arid and semi-arid areas in central and southern Iran, windcatchers can also be found in traditional Persian-influenced architecture throughout the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Depending on several factors such as geographical and climate conditions, architectural design, purpose of use and budgetary considerations, windcatchers are built in different shapes, including uni-directional, bi-directional, and multi-directional shapes.

Read more from source: Iranian windcatchers: Taming harsh climate for natural ventilation – Russia News Now

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