Seven alternative and little-known wonders of the world; Sasha Wood; The Holiday Place

Sudan – Archaeological Sites of the Island of Meroe

We’ve all heard of see-before-you-die natural wonders such as the northern lights and Niagara Falls and ancient man-made marvels like the Egyptian pyramids and Machu Picchu. They rightly rank high on most people’s travel wish-lists – but that also means sharing the experience of seeing them with hundreds if not thousands of people.

Fortunately the days of quiet contemplation of the world’s mysteries and spectacles are not quite over – there are a surprising number of wonder-filled places that remain off the radar for now. Read on for some alternative inspiration for your bucket list.

Roads less travelled

Meroe Pyramids

Smaller but much more numerous than the Egyptian pyramids, Sudan’s Meroe pyramids were built by Nubian pharaohs on the east bank on the Nile more than 4,000 years ago. Though the river has shifted course over the centuries along with the desert sands, 220 pyramids remain part submerged in the golden dunes. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site but unlike others you’ll likely find it deserted, plus you can roam freely and even go inside some of the structures.

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