How to Spend the Perfect Week in Greece?; Alex Kallimanis; Wanderlust Marriage

Greece – Meteora

I’m a dual American and Greek citizen that’s made 8 trips to Greece as an adult. Visiting family has always been a great reason to return and experience more of a fascinating country. How to spend the perfect week in Greece is obviously subjective. If you want to lie on the beach by day and party at night, head to Ios or Myknonos in summer. But this article assumes you want a mix of everything that makes Greece such a popular destination: world-class history & architecture, delicious food, great beaches and vibrant hospitality. You can stay on the mainland and have an amazing time that ticks all these boxes. But most travelers visit Greece for the islands, particularly the mystical Cyclades. If this itinerary seems too fast-paced, just omit something. You’re going to have to make some tough choices because there’s far too much to experience in Greece in just one week.

2 Days in Athens

Athens is the oldest capital in Europe and has a wealth to offer visitors.

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