The Most Beautiful World Heritage Sites in India; Poonam Binayak; The Culture Trip

India – Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi

India is home to 36 World Heritage Sites, ranging from historical and architectural masterpieces reminiscent of the glorious eras gone by to spectacular landscapes created by Mother Nature. Culture Trip explores the 15 most beautiful UNESCO-listed sites in this South Asian country.


Archeological site, Memorial, Mosque

Commissioned by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, the Taj Mahal is a historical and architectural marvel that attracts more than eight million visitors every year. About 20,000 people worked on this magnificent ivory-white mausoleum inlaid with nearly 28 kinds of precious and semi-precious stones. An iconic symbol of love, it changes colour depending on the light of the day – it’s pinkish in the morning, a yellow hue midday, milky white in the evening and a golden hue at night. It remains open every day, except Friday, from sunrise to sunset.


Forest Colony, Dharmapuri, Tajganj Agra, 282001, India

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Accessibility & Audience:

Family Friendly, Kid Friendly

Services & Activities:

Guided Tours, No Smoking, Entrance Fee, Worship services


Outdoors, Instagrammable, Architectural Landmark, Historical Landmark, Touristy


Archeological site, Building, Mosque

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