Wonderful World: Discover Venice; Dos Mundos

Italy – Venice and its Lagoon

Welcome tourists! In this edition, we will talk about a very romantic city, the city of the gondolas. We are talking about Venice, Italy. The city that was founded in the 5th century and that is located on an archipelago that is formed by 120 small islands joined together by 455 bridges.

It is a city with a lot of history and that stood out for several centuries for being one of the main ports of Italian trade, with important imports of Asian products, mainly silk and some spices. It was submitted by the army of Napoleon Bonaparte and delivered to the Austrian government, to which it belonged for almost a century.

The historic downtown of the city was named a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. This is because the beauty in the architecture of the place, surrounded by paintings, mosaics and beautiful sculptures. It has one of the most important carnivals in the world, its tradition dates back to the eleventh century. For 10 days people dress up in 18th-century Venetian costumes, where the main element is their white masks and their silk suits.

Read more from source: Wonderful World: Discover Venice – Dos Mundos Bilingual Newspaper


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