Seaweed, A Giant Peach, Spitfires and Bluebells; Paull Tickner; Travel Research Online

UK – Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

If you like customising UK tours, take a look at some of the exciting travel experiences that can be blended into tailor made tours for families, pre or post cruise extensions and imaginatively themed special interest tours. These and other bright ideas will transform your itineraries and help you impress your clients with your knowledge and connections.

Putting together these and other pieces of the Great British Jigsaw Puzzle is what I do as I transform your wish list into a unique “travel less, see more” value added UK tour…

Starting with a Seaweed Festival and a Giant Peach, here we go!

It’s All About Seaweed

Clovelly’s picturesque Seaweed Festival celebrates seaweed for its immense health and nutritional benefits, and it’s the only one of its kind in the UK. Several of the quayside kitchens will be serving a variety of dishes, while other stalls will be selling a range of seaweed products along with street entertainment, demonstrations, arts, crafts and live music talks. Expand the itinerary to include locations used in the filming of Doc Martin, Poldark, and some Arthurian myths and legends.

Read more from source: Seaweed, A Giant Peach, Spitfires and Bluebells


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