Australia: Whale shark wonders on Ningaloo Reef; Ianthe Butt; Nat Geo Traveller

Australia – Ningaloo Coast

Australia’s largest fringing reef is home to 400 types of coral, explosions of psychedelic-hued fish and whale sharks. Head to Ningaloo for a thrilling swim with the world’s largest fish

“They only reach speeds of three miles an hour. Not fast, in the scheme of things,” says marine biologist guide Natalie Yeates. In the scheme of things, perhaps. But, when a creature about the length of a double-decker bus swims straight towards you, three miles an hour feels pretty zippy.

“Remember to swim once you’re in the water,” Natalie adds, addressing our group of 10. Like a wet-suited queue of lemmings, snorkels in mouths we wait to slip off our boat in Australia’s Ningaloo Reef. “It sounds daft, but some people forget to move; these fish don’t hang around.”

Bobbing atop the Indian Ocean feels a long way from Exmouth, the frontier-feel town we left an hour ago. About 800 miles north of Perth, it’s a place where bohemian souls settle, and emus outnumber cars on its dusty roads.

Read more from source: Australia: Whale shark wonders on Ningaloo Reef | Nat Geo Traveller (UK)

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