A solo roadtrip to see one of the wonders of the world; Enzo Cruz; CNN

Philippines – Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras

After a few years of travelling, it still amazes me how even after 10-hour bus rides, there are still some places that can make you forget you need to pee. Batad in Ifugao has always been one of them for me. I’ve never been so enthralled by a collection of stairs, one that also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage site. So enchanting it is, in fact, that we just had to include a picture of it in our local currency.

My first solo trip to see the 20-peso wonder

Actually, it is worth so much more.

Getting to Banaue is easy. There is a variety of buses that offer direct routes. Ohayami Trans happens to offer online reservation and purchasing of tickets so it was a clear option. I highly suggest booking ahead since Banaue is a very popular destination among backpackers and Ohayami Trans has a very small station that easily gets crowded, especially during long weekends. Banaue-bound busses usually set off at night given the 10-hour one way ride.

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