5 Best Day Trips from Southampton; Jo Kessel; Cruise Critic

UK – Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites

If you’ve never been to Southampton before, there’s plenty to see and do in the country’s busiest cruise port. However, if you have already visited the city, you may wish to take a day trip to one of a number of outstanding sights and places — most of which lie just under an hour away.

Southampton is an enviable position on the south coast of England, with beaches, forests, historical sights and cities easily accessible by train or bus — you can get to London in one hour and 20 minutes, or visit the country’s most famous prehistoric monument, Stonehenge, in less than an hour; find yourself deep in a forest surrounded by wild animals; or visit Charles Dickens’ birthplace.

In fact, there are so many places worth visiting nearby that it’s been a challenge to narrow the list down. After much deliberation, however, here’s a top five, which are all easily doable by train or taxi if you don’t have a car. Do you agree? Leave your suggestions at the bottom of this piece.

1. Stonehenge

Estimated travel time: 50 minutes northwest by car or 30 minute train journey to Salisbury

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