Watch This Sea Lion and Snorkeler Interaction in Los Islotes; Marie McGrory; National Geographic

Mexico – Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California

In this UNESCO World Heritage site, the sea lions come out to play.

Jacques Cousteau once called the Gulf of California the “Aquarium of the World,” but even such a title might not give justice to the Sea of Cortez.

We came to Baja California with one goal in mind: to swim alongside the world’s largest fish, the endangered whale shark. After we were able to have that experience on our first morning, we went on to listen to whales, float through a massive school of bigeye jack fish, explore the restored reefs of Cabo Pulmo, and had a truly special moment with a curious sea lion.

One can’t-miss gem can be found in the archipelago of Espiritu Santo, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the archipelago of Espiritu Santo. There are many compelling reasons to visit these islands—some visitors go bird watching, and others explore the remnants of the pearl farms that once dominated the archipelago.

For many, sea lions are the main attraction.

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