Travel with Sports Events like UEFA Champions League; Anuradha Goyal; Inditales

UK – Liverpool – Maritime Mercantile City

We have all been watching the wonderful performances of our sporting heroes in the Commonwealth Games. I was thrilled to see Manika Batra win a gold in Table Tennis, as this was a game I once played. And I remember training at the community center in Panchkula with the dream of winning a medal and Manika just lived my dream. I had tears in my eyes.

With some pride and satisfaction, I started working on my travel blog. My thoughts were still inside the stadium and I wondered why are we not traveling with the sports events? As it happens on the internet, one thing leads to another and I ended up looking at the upcoming sports events. The search got refined to see what is happening in the cities that I would like to visit.

So, I landed on the UEFA Champions League page. This popular and prestigious continental club football league has its semi-finals and finals coming up in April and May.

Read more from source: Travel with Sports Events like UEFA Champions League | Inditales


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