Al Ain, A Desert Oasis in the Emirates; Elizabeth von Pier; GoNOMAD Travel

UAE – Cultural Sites of Al Ain (Hafit, Hili, Bidaa Bint Saud and Oases Areas)

Known as the Garden City because of its greenery, Al Ain (“The Spring” in Arabic) is located about 100 miles east of Abu Dhabi, near the border with Oman.

It is set between the desert and the mountains that provide water for its ancient system of wells. When I first came upon it, I was riding in the local bus from Abu Dhabi and it looked like I could have just entered Marco Island in Florida.

There’s plenty of traffic and the wide boulevards are lined with stately palm trees. Flowers bloom everywhere and, while it’s February and very cold and snowy back home in New England, here it’s a temperate seventy-five degrees.

There’s no doubt though that this is a Middle Eastern city. Storefronts are identified in Arabic and English, and men in long white dishdashas and keffiyehs and women in black abayas stroll the streets.

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