France’s Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey evacuated after threat; The National

France – Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay

The World Heritage site was locked down after man reportedly uttered threats against security services

France’s medieval Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey was locked down on Sunday morning while 50 police officers searched door-to-door for a man who reportedly threatened to attack security services.

The UNESCO World Heritage monasteryand monument were shut as a precaution.

A local bar owner heard a man uttering threats while at the site in the northwestern region of Normandy around 0530 GMT, district prefect Jean-Marc Sabathe told France Info radio.

“For security reasons and in order to clear up any doubt, since we don’t know his aim, I’ve decided to evacuate the Mont,” he said.

Mr Sabathe said the man was trying to stage a street performance and got in an argument with a cafe worker when the threat was uttered. Others also reported hearing threats.

“I am ordering house-by-house searches to verify if the individual is still on Mont-Saint-Michel. It’s possible that the individual left the Mont with the flux of tourists,” Mr Sabathe said.

The man was reportedly mixed in with the first visitors of the day.

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