Not Enough Funding for Interpretation Centre: Chair; VOCM

Canada – Mistaken Point

The Chair of the Mistaken Point Cape Race Heritage Incorporated is fearful their UNESCO World Heritage status could be jeopardised by what she sees as a lack of appropriate government funding to keep them going.

Gertie Molloy says the group operates the Mistaken Point Interpretation Centre in Portugal Cove South and the Myrick Wireless Interpretation Centre in Cape Race.

She says a great deal of hard work went into gaining UNESCO World Heritage status for Mistaken Point, a site containing the fossilized remains of some of the Earth’s earliest complex lifeforms, but Molloy says they have barely enough funding to keep the interpretation centre and gift shop open.

She says Tourism Minister Christopher Mitchelmore refused their request for additional funding beyond the $15,000 dollars provided.

That, says Molloy, means their ability to operate the gateway to the site is limited.

She met with her staff a few weeks ago and let them know that she can’t guarantee they’ll get an entire season of work. If the centre opens June 1st, they may may have to close by the end of July or early August.

Read more from source: VOCM – Not Enough Funding for Interpretation Centre: Chair


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