5 of the coolest constructions to go visit; BT

Italy – Historic Centre of San Gimignano

Here’s where to marvel at some of the world’s most breathtaking buildings.

Architecture has long been attributed to bringing sightseers from far and wide to stare and wonder at bricks and mortar that have the wow factor.

Whether it’s an ancient site, a skyscraper, the scalloped edges of a neo-classical building or high-tech contemporary designs, new book Amazing Architecture: A Spotter’s Guide by Lonely Planet will whisk you there in a flash with its grand tour of 120 of the world’s great human constructions.

As the book observes: “When we travel, it’s often to see a building… because buildings are endlessly intriguing: things of beauty, symbols of their age and emblems of human endeavour.”

To point you in the right direction, we’ve picked five striking structures worth a trip…

1.  Chrysler Building, New York, USA

What was once the tallest building in the world, The Chrysler Building still towers at 319 metres. Its art-deco style with gargoyle-like eagles, observation terraces and sheets of steel, have been capturing our imagination since 1930, and it’s still the world’s tallest steel supported brick building in the world.

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