13 of the most vibrant and colorful cities in the world; Melissa Locker; Travel + Leisure

Brazil – Historic Centre of Salvador de Bahia
  • There are a number of cities across the world that attract tourists with their vibrant and vivid architecture. 
  • In certain places, such as Italy’s Burano, residents are required by law to paint their homes in bright colors. 
  • Many of the colorful destinations are UNESCO World Heritage sites, from Trinidad in Cuba, to Brazil’s Pelourinho.

Exploring new cities is always a pleasure, but when those destinations are Crayola-colored and candy-striped, it’s even more of a treat. Countries around the world — from Chile to South Africa to the picturesque colonial town of Trinidad in Cuba — are home to cities that have done away with the practical in favor of the fun, whether due to a city-wide artistic streak, a cultural love of color, or a Hollywood payout.

Curaçao’s anything-but-white city of Willemstad, for example, is a visual tonic. Rumor has it the governor demanded the vibrant hues to soothe his migraines. And the jewel-like homes that fill Burano, Italy, are also the result of a government decree.

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