A grand tour of the world’s coolest buildings; Architecture And Design


India – The Jantar Mantar

Lonely Planet pays an architectural tribute to some of the world’s greatest (and coolest) man-made constructions in their new book, Amazing Architecture: A Spotter’s Guide. Recommended for design enthusiasts who love to travel, the book showcases 120 spectacular architectural marvels from around the world.

Here is a selection of a few of these architectural wonders ranging from the classic to the contemporary, and from the beautiful to the intriguing.

Winter Palace Square, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Featuring baroque architecture, the Winter Palace located in the heart of Saint Petersburg is a striking white and azure vision designed by an Italian architect, Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli in mid-18th century. The palace was home to the Russian Emperors and also the site of many historic events.

Shukhov Tower, Russia

A broadcasting tower in Moscow named after its designer, Vladimir Shukhov, the Shukhov Tower – Russia’s Eiffel Tower to some – is a 160-metre tall steel structure featuring a series of hyperboloid sections stacked to form a conical shape. When lit up at night, it loosely resembles a Christmas tree.

Masjid-I Imam or Shah Mosque, Iran

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