World Heritage Day: How many World Heritage Sites are there and where are they in the UK?; Olivia Waring; Metro

Skara Brae, Neolithic village dating from between 3200 and 2200 BC, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mainland, Orkney Islands, Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe
UK – Heart of Neolithic Orkney

Today is UNESCO’s World Heritage Day 2018, aka the International Day for Monuments and Sites. If you like travelling around and looking at stupendously beautiful things rooted in your country’s history, this is the day for you. And what better way to celebrate it than planning your next trip to one of the listed Unesco World Heritage sites? Beats spending your summer in front of Netflix. But just how many World Heritage Sites are there on the planet? And how many are in the UK? Are there any near you?

There are a grand total of 1,073 Unesco World Heritage Sites across the globe. Of those, 832 are cultural (like the Great Wall of China), 206 are natural (like Yellowstone National Park in America) and 35 are a mixture of both (like Mouth Athos in Greece). Sadly, 54 of them are classified as ‘in danger’ of being changed irrevocably and lost to history, due to problems like war, logging, mining or plans to build new developments. In the United Kingdom and its territories, there are 31 World Heritage Sites.

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